Niall Horan: ‘I Don’t Have The Body For A Nude Selfie’ #NiallYourBodyIsWonderful

In today’s totally alarming news, it would seem as though Niall bloomin’ Horan of actual One Direction has something seriously wrong with his vision as he claimed live on the airwaves that he “doesn’t have the body” for nude pics.


The blonde, Irish, Adonis was chatting to Scott Mills on Radio 1 when the bombshell was dropped, with the DJ asking if he was at risk of any rude photos appearing on the Internet any time soon.

To which an astounded Nialler exclaimed: “Oh no, that is cringe. I definitely don’t have the body for nude selfies.”


Needless to say, trusty Twitter erupted with stunned fans responding to the 21-year-old babe’s retort and they all jumped to his defense and even started the rather nifty hashtag #NiallYourBodyIsWonderful:

You hear that, love? Your body is WONDERFUL.

Cor, we genuinely don’t think that we have ever seen a truer Twitter trend.

On top of putting himself down like the slice of humble pie that he is, Niall also chatted to Scott about a whole load of other One-Direction-related things, including just how please he is with the response to ‘Drag Me Down’.

He dished: “[It was] pretty much a shock to us. Obviously when we dropped the single we didn’t really realise that was the reaction it was gonna get – but it’s kind of worked out.”

Kind of worked out? How’s that for the understatement of the century, eh?

He added: “We knew we had a good song, but you never know what the reaction’s gonna be, because you might think it’s good because you’ve lived with it for four or five months, but you don’t know what everyone else is gonna think of it, so it’s always a shock when something like that happens.”

He really is too modest; which basically explains why he seems to think that he doesn’t have the kind of body that people want to see naked.

We really don’t think that we are ever going to get over this one.