Nick Ferrari Monsters Gillian Keegan For Claiming Britain Is Safer Under The Tories

Nick Ferrari and Gillian Keegan on L:BC this morning.
Nick Ferrari and Gillian Keegan on L:BC this morning. LBC

Nick Ferrari skewered a Tory minister over Rishi Sunak’s claim that the UK is safer under his government.

The LBC presenter told education secretary Gillian Keegan that 20 prisons have been closed since the party came to power 14 years ago.

It followed the row over the early release of inmates - including one child sex offender - because the prison estate is full.

Ferrari told Keegan: “The week began with the prime minister telling us that we were safer under as Conservative government when it comes to matters of defence.

“But we now learn that prisoners are being released early, including one person who was convicted of a sex act involving children, and some people’s trials won’t even begin because our jails are full.

“How can you possibly expect my listeners to believe we’re safer under the Tories?”

Keegan said: “We are safer under the Conservatives ...”

But Ferrari interrupted the minister to say: “With a sex offender running around Sussex? Do explain.”

Keegan replied: “You only have to look at the record on crime. [The early release] is not for sex offenders, it is for low-level crimes.”

When Ferrari said “the man was convicted of a sex crime involving a child”, the minister said she could not talk about individual cases.

After Keegan insisted the government was “building more prison places”, Ferrari then pointed out: “Over the last 14 years, under Conservative governments, 20 jails have been shut, there’s been a 50% closure of magistrates courts and we have 12 places available on the male estate.

“Please don’t tell me the Conservatives have been tough on jail - you closed them.”