Nick Grimshaw Shaves His Hair Off And People Can’t Handle It

You wouldn’t think that Nick Grimshaw’s hair could be a hot topic of conversation, but, once again, it’s making the headlines today (July 14).

After bleaching his hair (à la the Biebs) in March, we thought that we had seen it all – but now the Radio 1 DJ has lopped off all of his locks and replaced his blonde barnet with a buzz cut.

Copyright [Snapchat/NickGrimshaw]

Even more shockingly, the 31-year-old shared a Snapchat video of himself committing the act with an electronic razor in hand, on Wednesday (July 13); he then revealed the results with a selfie, captioned: “Cut me hair off (sic).”

One mistake though, he forgot to ask the UK population for permission (oops!) – and the response from fans and concerned members of the public was immediate, with many of them extremely unimpressed by the change.

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The comparisons were a little bit harsh:

And some people completely lost it as the reality of the situation sunk in:

While others resorted to ALL CAPS (that’s when you know that things are really serious):

Phew! Let’s all just take a breather and remember that it will grow back!