Nick Jonas and Lily Collins lend voices to Apple thriller series Calls

Nick Jonas, Lily Collins and Aaron Taylor Johnson are among the stars featured in a chilling new thriller series Calls, which combines audio and minimal visuals to tell short stories.

Based on the French series of the same name created by Timothee Hochet, each episode follows a dark mystery that unfolds through a series of seemingly average, unconnected phone calls that quickly become surreal, as the characters face increasingly unsettling experiences.

Rosario Dawson,  Mark Duplass, Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, Aubrey Plaza and Judy Greer are also among the stars lending their voices to the show.

In the trailer, which features clips of the voice calls with a transcript and graphics appearing on screen, one woman can be heard saying: “I just heard the weirdest noise outside my window.”

Another says: “Oh my god, I can’t find the baby.”

A man says: “Something is happening out there, and not just to me.”

The Apple TV+ series, which has been created in association with French channel Canal+, aims to be a sensory experience using spatial sound that allows the viewer to use their imaginations to create a “theatre of the mind”.

Calls will launch on Apple TV+ on March 19.