Nick Knowles explains his unrecognisable appearance after sending fans wild

Nick Knowles has now explained his unrecognisable appearance on Lorraine.

Video transcript

- But your beard has caused a hoo ha, hasn't it?

NICK KNOWLES: I don't know what it is. To be honest--

- I like it. I think it's good.

NICK KNOWLES: Oh, well, thank you very much. It's a-- look, when a man gets a chance to grow a beard, because he's not filming--

- Yes.

NICK KNOWLES: --he goes-- and then what you do is you grow a big beard. And then you cut it off in stages. So you go through all the various different looks. You end up with a Merv Hughes, you know, the big handlebar.

- I think you-- I think you suit it. And I like facial hair on a fella.