Nickelodeon Alum Daniella Monet Won’t Watch ‘Quiet on Set’ but Says She “Came Out Unscathed”

Nickelodeon alum Daniella Monet hasn’t, and “probably won’t” ever, watch Quiet on Set. The actress also said this week she “came out unscathed” amid ongoing revelations about abuse on the network’s various shows throughout the early aughts and 2010s.

“I never watched it. I probably won’t,” Monet said in a preview of this week’s Heal Squad X Maria Menounos podcast from People.

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Monet played Trina Vega on Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

Investigation Discovery’s Quiet on Set was a five-party docuseries that detailed allegations of abuse, sexism, racism and inappropriate behavior involving underage stars and crewmembers on Nickelodeon TV show sets run by Dan Schneider. Since the documentary’s release, Schneider has released an apology, and also sued the show’s producers for defamation.

“I feel lucky that like, I came out unscathed and I don’t know anyone who’s been deeply affected outside of the things that were mentioned in that documentary that I didn’t know about, which was really hard to process,” she said.

Monet added that she was already 19 by the time she was cast on Victorious, older than many other stars who have spoken out about their experiences. “I was an adult and I’d also grown up in the industry whereas like most of my cast, except for Victoria [Justice] of course, like they were kind of green,” she said.

She continued that though her older perspective allowed her to “navigate certain dynamics in a way that [felt] right for me” and kept her “feeling safe,” there were “tones” that “didn’t necessarily always feel safe or normal.”

Of child actors who have come forward with allegations of abuse, she said, “I just can’t even begin to imagine what those situations must feel like,” adding, “God forbid if anyone made me uncomfortable. Like, who knows what I would have done or thought?”

“I just I feel so lucky that like, my experience was really special in so many ways,” she continued. “And I look back at it with such a fun light and now like approaching it again, I have a totally new perspective.”

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