Nicki Minaj Planning to Marry Kenneth Petty Within 80 Days: ‘I’m Very Happy’

The rapper is opening up about a past toxic relationship.

Nicki Minaj is getting ready to tie the knot with Kenneth Petty!

The 36-year-old rapper shared the exciting news on her Queen Radio show on Monday, revealing that she expected to be married in around 80 days.

“[We] filed for the marriage license and we still had to pick it up and I was traveling, by the time I came back, we had to renew it again,” she explained. “From that time, you have 90 days to get married. That was about a week ago, so now I have about 80 days.”

She then explained that the couple plan to tie the knot soon so that the second license doesn’t expire, but will have a bigger celebration at a later date.

“I have to work on my album and I have a lot to focus on that [so] I don’t want to do the big wedding now,” Minaj said. “We’ll do the big wedding later. I’ll be married before my album comes out, but will have my wedding after the album comes out.”

“Before the 90 days is over, yes, I will be married,” she continued. “I’m very happy about that because my baby makes me so happy.”

Minaj went Instagram official with Petty in December, posting a cozy photo from her 36th birthday getaway in Turks and Caicos.

Not everyone was happy about the pairing though, with some slamming the musician for dating Petty, who is a level two registered sex offender in New York.

Minaj, who has spoken out in his defense since, didn’t let the haters faze her, getting a neck tattoo with his name just weeks later.

She confirmed the couple had obtained their first marriage license in June, gushing about her happiness on her radio show, which is part of Apple Music’s Beats 1.

"I think I have what I was striving for, just happiness,” she said. “It was so hard to get to a happy place. Now that I’m there I don’t want to compromise that for anyone or anything."

Petty also stars in Minaj’s recent video for her song, “Megatron.”

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