Nicky Campbell chose to do Masked Singer after 'heavy' year

The Long Lost Family star has been campaigning to bring teachers from his former school to justice, so welcomed the chance for some light relief as Dippy Egg.

Nicky Campbell says he had a 'heavy duty year'. (Getty)
Nicky Campbell says he had a 'heavy duty year'. (Getty)

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Nicky Campbell has said he wanted to have some fun as Dippy Egg on The Masked Singer as some light relief after his "heavy duty year".

The TV star was unmasked by his Long Lost Family co-presenter Davina McCall, and on Tuesday's Loose Women he opened up on his emotional reasons for wanting to spend time on something light hearted.

What, how, and why?

Nicky Campbell has told how the toughest year of his life lead to him signing up to perform as Dippy Egg on The Masked Singer.

The broadcaster was unmasked at the weekend, where his Long Lost Family co-star Davina McCall was amazed to discover he was Dippy Egg following mystery performances that included Moon River and I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles).

Nicky Campbell was Dippy Egg. (ITV)
Nicky Campbell was Dippy Egg. (ITV)

But Campbell shared with Tuesday's Loose Women panel that there was a sobering reason behind him wanting to take on the fun singing contest, as he wanted to make life a little lighter after his tough year campaigning to bring allegedly abusive staff from his former school to justice.

Campbell told Loose Women: "There was a documentary about it, the child abuse at my school in Edinburgh. We went on a big campaign about it, there have been arrests and all sorts of stuff.

"It was quite a heavy duty year last year, and I just thought what a crazy, amazing thing to do to have a total laugh."

Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall work together to reunite estranged relatives. (ITV)
Nicky Campbell and Davina McCall host Long Lost Family together. (ITV)

He added: "A lot of good stuff came out of last year - solidarity, meeting old friends and making new friends. I actually formed a friendship with the daughter of one of the abusers at our school...Masked Singer came up and I thought, do you know what? Yeah."

Asked how he was protecting his own mental health since the campaign and documentary, he said: "It's something I'm going to have a look at. It's good to talk."

Campbell said he had loved his time on The Masked Singer and watching it back with his family, sharing: "We had a great laugh. The girls would have their friends round who didn't know. Last Saturday night was a riot in our house. Two of the friends got it and were just uncontrollably laughing, but my daughter's boyfriend didn't have a clue it was me so when the reveal happened it was a beautiful moment."

What else happened on Loose Women?

Frankie Bridge opened up about her health experiences on Loose Women. (ITV screengrab)
Frankie Bridge opened up about her health experiences on Loose Women. (ITV screengrab)

Frankie Bridge revealed a recent health scare that had left her fearing for her life as the stars of Tuesday's show discussed the King's cancer diagnosis.

The Saturdays singer told how she had gone for an MRI because of persistent headaches, but was unexpectedly told that she had a tumour on her neck. Although it turned out to be benign, Bridge, who has two young sons with former footballer Wayne Bridge, said it was a nervous wait for a diagnosis.

She said: "But for that first week where the doctor had rang me to tell me the results of the MRI, Wayne was away, I was in the middle of cooking the boys dinner and he was like, 'We've found a tumour...I don't want to say what it is yet because I don't know, I'm going to have to present it to a board of specialists.'

"Instantly I just thought, that's it. This is my time, I'm going to be sick, I did go straight away to, 'oh god, I'm going to die'."

Loose Women airs on ITV at 12.30pm on weekdays.

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