Nicola Sturgeon calls Clive Myrie an 'unsung hero' as he stays in Kyiv to report on crisis

Clive Myrie is reporting from Kyiv. (Richard Gray/EMPICS Entertainment)
Clive Myrie is reporting from Kyiv. (Richard Gray/EMPICS Entertainment)

Clive Myrie has been praised by Nicola Sturgeon and fellow broadcasters after saying he is staying in Ukraine to help tell the story of the conflict 'accurately and fairly'.

The BBC newsreader, 57, has been reporting on the crisis live from Kyiv and recently said in a BBC interview that there is a lot of 'propaganda nonsense' and 'c***' out there.

“None of us are forced to come here,” he said. “It’s part of our job. We all feel that we want to tell the story of this war and tell it accurately and fairly.”

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Sharing a clip of the interview, Sturgeon said Myrie and journalists like him who report from war zones were “unsung heroes”.

“Their professionalism, calm under pressure and sheer bravery is inspiring,” added the first minister of Scotland.

“Journalism at its very best.”

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Myrie has been in Kyiv for over a week, often working with journalist Lyse Doucet.

During one broadcast he had to quickly get into a flak jacket after he was interrupted by an air raid siren.

And he was recently forced to take shelter underground as the fighting came uncomfortably close to his base, causing the windows to shake.

Viewers have praised the broadcaster. (Getty)
Viewers have praised the broadcaster. (Getty)

Many of his fellow broadcasters have also paid tribute to his work reporting on the crisis.

Former BBC Breakfast co-host Louise Minchin tweeted: "I don’t feel I have the right words for the pain and anguish over what is happening in #Ukraine but one of those who does is my former colleague @bbclysedoucet whose reporting is sensitive and heart wrenching as is that of @CliveMyrieBBC.

"My heart goes out to everybody affected."

Lorraine Kelly tweeted: “Respect to this wonderful journalist and splendid human being.”

Plenty of viewers also praised the way Myrie delivers his reports on the Russian invasion.

One person tweeted: “Clive Myrie is one of my heroes. He sees what is really happening and shares it with the rest of us in an honest and compassionate way.”

“Clive Myrie has really solidified his status as a national treasure with his reporting from Ukraine,” said another, calling the TV star “one of our very best broadcasters”.

Myrie first joined the BBC in 1987 and became a foreign correspondent nine years later.

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The journalist is also known for hosting television shows such as Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind.