Nicole Brown Simpson's sister said nearly 30 years after her death, she's still 'heartbroken': 'Nicole endured incredible pain'

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister said nearly 30 years after her death, she's still 'heartbroken': 'Nicole endured incredible pain'
  • Nicole Brown Simpson's family is collaborating with Lifetime to create a new docuseries.

  • The series aims to provide Brown Simpson's own narrative in one of history's most notorious crimes.

  • Her family has been dedicated to addressing domestic violence issues.

The family of the late Nicole Brown Simpson is determined to rewrite the narrative and finally tell her story — and they're getting help from Lifetime with a new docuseries detailing her life and murder.

Lifetime announced Thursday that "The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson" will premiere on the network on June 1 in a two-night event. The docuseries details the late mom's life and "provides an opportunity for Nicole's own narrative and voice to be heard in one of the most notorious crimes and trials in history," the press release reads.

In 1994, Simpson was killed alongside her friend, Ronald Goldman. Her ex-husband, former NFL player OJ Simpson, was accused and later acquitted of the crime in a highly publicized trial a year later.

Before the honorees took the stage at Variety's Women of Power Event in New York City, Simpson's sisters spoke about her enduring legacy and how they're still "heartbroken" from her loss.

"It's kind of a mixed emotion. As heartbroken as I am because we lost Nicole almost 30 years ago this June, we're here to celebrate all of these incredible women that do so much incredible work in their areas of expertise," Denise Brown said onstage at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum flanked by her two sisters, Tanya and Dominique.

After Simpson's death, Brown said her family has been dedicated to the cause of domestic violence in many arenas.

"I'm really happy to see men in this audience because I truly believe…it affects everyone," she said of the issue. "It's not just women. It affects the entire family."

"Nicole endured incredible pain, and through that pain, she was able to protect her children. She was able to be there for her children. She walked away from her abuser," Denise Brown added. "She was a daughter. She was a sister. She was a mother. She was a friend. She was a woman whose life was tragically cut short. "

At their annual Women of Power event, Variety honored Shonda Rhimes, Mariska Hargitay, Amy Schumer, and Anitta. The event, hosted by comedian Amber Ruffin, also attracted celebrities, including Melissa Joan Hart, Glenn Close, and Nicky Hilton.

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