Nicole Scherzinger and Andrew Lloyd-Webber Have ‘Made Up’ After Catastrophic X Factor Row

You must, of course, remember the drama way back when Nicole Scherzinger ditched Cats for The X Factor?

Yes, the West End world was positively frothing at the mouth with fury when Nicole decided to up sticks and nestle back into the V-necked bosom of Simon Cowell’s judging panel, and abandon Sir Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s musical – which resulted in Sir Andy going on one hell of a rant, claiming that his former pal had made him look like a right old ‘tw*t’.

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His words, not ours.

When the news was announced he said: “I’m furious because I really believe she’s a really fantastically talented girl and I really went out on a limb to get her into the London ­Palladium here and it makes me look like an absolute tw*t.

“But never mind, there will be another girl on Broadway and Nicole won’t get her Tony Award.”


Anyway, whilst things were a little ropey between the pair, it appears like times a great healer – because now, according to Nicole, things are all good between them. Hurrah!

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Speaking to The Mirror, the former Pussycat Doll said that they’d be working together soon.

“I don’t have to prove anything to anybody. I love Andrew and I want to work with him again. But I make my own decisions – I am a big girl.

“The same way that everyone else makes their own decisions and does what is best for them.

“We are going to hopefully work together again soon.”

“We did a show together just a month ago in Austria – we have kissed and made up. I love him and will always love him.”

Cute, eh?

Who knows, perhaps Nicole can try and wangle a West End theme week this year, rope in her bezzie, and hopefully 'Do a Jahmene’ and steal the microphone off a contestant and slay us all.