Night-Vision Goggles Used for First Time by Spanish Rescuers to Aid Hiker

Spain’s Guardia Civil have carried out what they described as their first-ever rescue using night-vision goggles, after coming to the aid of a hiker in Avila.

The Spanish Ministry of Interior said that the Air Service of the Civil Guard used a helicopter in the area of Sierra de Gredos, northwest of Madrid, after a person suffered “an ice impact to the head.”

According to the ministry, as sunset approached and light levels decreased, rescue personnel chose to use night-vision goggles.

This was “the first rescue carried out by the Guardia Civil in Spain with night-vision goggles,” the ministry said.

According to the Spanish government, such goggles were first acquired two years ago by the Guardia Civil’s Air Force. Credit: Guardia Civil via Storyful

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