Nikki Haley snaps back at Fox News hosts suggesting she should drop out of race

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley tore into the hosts of Fox and Friends, and accused them of trying to "coronate" Donald Trump ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

Ms Haley is running against Mr Trump in the Republican presidential primary. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who was also running for the nomination, suspended his campaign this week, leaving Ms Haley the only candidate other than Mr Trump polling at double digits.

Mr Trump soundly defeated Ms Haley and his other challengers in the Iowa caucus, earning 51 per cent of the vote. Ms Haley came in third with 19 per cent.

During her appearance on Fox and Friends, the hosts asked Ms Haley about the New Hampshire primary, and asked if she would continue her campaign if she lost to Mr Trump again.

Ms Haley replied "of course" she would not drop if she lost in New Hampshire.

"We're going to have New Hampshire vote today, they deserve to have the power of their voice [heard]," she said.

Ms Haley noted the upcoming primary in South Carolina — her home state — and said while she voted twice for Mr Trump in the presidential elections, she does not believe he is the right person for the Oval Office now.

Host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that Ms Haley was trailing Mr Trump in national and state polls, and in some cases by 40 or 50 points. That's when Ms Haley went on the defensive.

"I'm gonna fight, no matter what," she said. “I don’t care how much y’all want to coronate Donald Trump. At the end of the day, that’s not what Americans want. Americans want a choice.“

She said, "Americans want a choice and we're going to give them one".

“You keep saying coronate, lie, not tell the truth, what you are saying on the couch. I’m really wondering why you think we’re the enemy?” Kilmeade responded.

“Because I’ve looked at the media, look at the media, saying, oh, this is Donald Trump’s to have, look at the political class all coalescing and saying everybody needs to get out,” Ms Haley said. “That’s not democracy. That’s not who we are.”

Despite her protest, it is true that Ms Haley has been trailing Mr Trump by double digits in the majority of polling.