Nina Dobrev gives health update after surgery for injuries in bike crash

Nina Dobrev has undergone successful surgery credit:Bang Showbiz
Nina Dobrev has undergone successful surgery credit:Bang Showbiz

Nina Dobrev has revealed her surgery was a "success" after she was injured in a bike crash.

The 35-year-old actress has shared a health update with her followers as she posed in a hospital gown and smiled for the camera weeks after her devastating accident.

On Wednesday (05.06.24), she wrote on Instagram: "Surgery was a success. Thank you to everyone who has been sending kind messages, thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.

"I have been feeling the support and positive energy. It means more than you will ever know."

Before her operation, Nina - who hasn't revealed her specific injuries, besides that she needed surgery on her leg - admitted she was "scared" to have the procedure.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: "Anyone else get scared before surgery? I'm such a baby when it comes to needles, blood or procedures of any kind."

In a video she shared with followers, the 'Vampire Diaries' star showed herself leaning forward and writing "Yes" with an arrow on her knee.

She said: "Fun fact: they make you draw on whatever extremity is being operated on to confirm that is the correct limb.

"(Because I guess it's happened in the past that some surgeons have accidentally operated on the wrong limb.) Yikes!!! (sic)"

The actress has been dating Olympian Shaun White for four years now but it doesn't seem that he was present at the scene of the accident.

Shaun - who was initially meant to be going to Paris for the Olympic Games with Nina - created a bucket list before he announced his retirement, and the celebrity couple are now focused on fulfilling their dreams.

He said: "We went to Antarctica, Dubai, visited her mom in France, went to Monaco, went to Indonesia. We’ve kind of been all over.

He shared: "I want to be around for Thanksgiving, I want to to be around for Christmas, I want to be around for people’s birthdays, holidays.

"It’s like those little things you kind of push aside when you’re completely focused on the task at hand, which was competing."