Nine-year-old creates hilarious lockdown rap

A nine-year-old impressionist with hair like Boris Johnson's performed 'stay at home' rap in the style of the PM's daily briefing.

Little Bradley James from Sheffield was teased around the house last week after closed barbers meant his hair got so long it looked like the Prime Minister's. 

But it gave the cheeky lad the idea to dress up in his dad's suit and imitate the PM and hold his own press conference - finishing with a self-penned rap about saying indoors.

Mum Emma Staples, 33, said: "Bradley's hair at the minute is a bit overgrown and obviously the hairdressers aren't open so we have been laughing and joking with him, calling him Boris because of his hair.

"Like kids do, he was playing up to the role."

His mum said he is a keen performer, has starred in his local panto, and came up with the rap lyrics himself.

The clips were filmed on Wednesday evening in their living room.

His rap included the lyrics: 'It's BoJo here on the BBC. Listen up everybody, listen to me.

We've got this virus and it's really bad. You people going out are making me mad. 

'It is really easy and simple to do - stay at home, and that means you!

'Protect the NHS and stop the spread. Come on everybody get it in your head.'

His rap ended with the chant: "When I say 'stay at' you say 'home'."

Emma, a childminder, said: "We have got quite a big family so when it comes to Christmas he likes to put on shows.

"We have wooden cladding in the living room so the setting was perfect - we could have been in number 10!

"If this wasn't happening in the world I don't think he would have much grasp on politics. He knows who Boris Johnson is and a bit about what is going on.

"With home-schooling I don't want to keep him in the dark but obviously I'm not telling him the full-extent.

"Each morning we are doing a quick update on the news for example telling him shops are closed.

"We are used to a house full of kids, playing, full of laughter and fun but now that I'm closed its hitting my kids more than most because we're used to a house full of children."