No Amazon Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch for UK

No Amazon Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch for UK... yet

Amazon UK has exclusively told Pocket-lint that it will not be selling the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, nor the touchscreen-enabled Kindle Touch ebook readers in the UK as things currently stand.

"Today, Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch are available only in the US," a spokesperson from Amazon UK told us. We had asked why only the non-touch Kindle version was available on the UK site,

The stunning revelation is likely to come as a big disappointment for UK-based Amazon customers hoping to get their hands on the new devices from the online retailer, especially those wanting to enjoy the new 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire, which will cost $199 is the US, and its streaming services.

Amazon hasn't given us a reason for why the more advanced models won't be coming to these shores any time soon.

The new non-touch screen, non-keyboard Kindle model will cost £89 in the UK.

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