No Big Deal, Just Hugh Jackman Geeking Out Over Some Wolverine-Centric Shoes Ahead Of Deadpool 3 Restarting Production

 Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

The SAG-AFTRA strike is officially over, which means many of Hollywood’s brightest stars are preparing to return to work. Hugh Jackman is one such actor, as he’s going to jump back into production on the highly anticipated Deadpool 3. The film will see him reprise his famous role as Wolverine in the upcoming Marvel movie, and he seems incredibly excited. He’s shown over the years that he has a considerable amount of love for the iconic, adamantium-clawed mutant. Nevertheless, it’s still a relatively big deal to me that Jackman carved out some time to totally geek out about some shoes dedicated to the character.

Like so many of us, the Greatest Showman star enjoys the simple aspects of life, and that’s definitely what was conveyed in one of his latest social media posts. The 55-year-old A-lister took to his Instagram to share a few snapshots of some gray Crocs he has. That may sound a little weird on the surface, but he loves them because they have stickers of ol’ Wolvie on them. You can check out the pictures in the post down below:

I enjoy nerding out about pop culture-related items, especially those dealing with comic books or superheroes and get a lot of joy out of that. However, there’s just such a great feeling that comes with seeing other people enjoy parts of fandom. It’s even sweeter when that person is a celebrity, who doesn’t mind posting about such moments. I just can’t help but chuckle and smile over the Australia star’s post, as it’s a testament to his fandom.

More than a few details are known about Deadpool 3 at this point, including the fact that filming kicked off back in May. However, the blockbuster had to stop filming due to the onset of the actors’ strike. When the labor dispute ended, it was reported that there was already a plan in place for the re-establishment of principal photography, and lead actor Ryan Reynolds eventually confirmed the movie would no longer release on May 3, 2024 but on July 26 of that year.

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine with adamantium claws out
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine with adamantium claws out

The Full Story Behind Hugh Jackman (Almost Not) Landing The Role Of Wolverine

What has most fans excited about the upcoming superhero movie is that it’ll finally have Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson join forces with Hugh Jackman’s Logan, who will finally be sporting his legendary yellow costume. Director Shawn Levy described Jackman’s initial response to the suit and, apparently, the actor gave a hearty “Fuck yeah.” This is yet another example of the sheer love Jackman has for the role that made him a star.

I’m excited that the cast and crew finally get to return to work so that they can finish up the flick. The Wolverine actor – along with his colleagues – are sure to give it their all, as they seek to finish the production. Amid all of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops a few BTS pics or videos at some point and those quirky Crocs appear in them.

While you wait for Deadpool 3 to arrive, grab a Disney+ subscription to stream the first two movies and other X-Men-related films now.