No Comment videos of the week

This week, 300 winter swimmers braved the weather in the waves of the North Sea as part of a popular festival in Jutland called the ‘Winter Swimming Festival’.

Eggs zipped through the air and clouds of flour billow as the northeastern Spanish town of Ibi celebrated its annual 'Els Enfarinaté' festival, a 200-years-old event that sees two sides stage a symbolic battle, throwing eggs, flour and firecrackers at each other, as they fight to gain control of the city in a mock coup d'etat.

Hospital patients with IV drips and oxygen tanks crowded the hallways of a Shanghai emergency ward while relatives lined up for funeral parlour services, as China sees an explosion in COVID-19 cases that overwhelmed its healthcare system.

In the meantime in Lyon, France, around 40 people gathered to pay tribute to Mohammad Moradi, an Iranian man who committed suicide in the city's Rhone River to raise awareness of his country's plight.

The monster storm that killed over 61 people in the United States over the Christmas weekend continued to inflict misery on New York state.

And even though the sea temperature was negative by two degrees, that didn't stop the swimming group Ranardaetur from going for a swim in Alftanes, Iceland.

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