No Comment videos of the week

No Comment videos of the week

This week, floods struck Turkish provinces that were already devastated by last month's powerful earthquake. Rescue teams on Thursday retrieved two more bodies, raising the death toll in the new disaster to 16.

In Mexico, close to a thousand women participated in a self-defence class that combines martial arts with simple street-fighting techniques, in Iztapalapa. At least 138 femicides were reported last year and 3,354 women were victims of acid attacks in the last twelve years.

In France, sea Shepherd activists displayed seven dead dolphins in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday, calling on the French government to regulate fishing more strictly to protect underwater life.

Meet Puggy, Britain's ugliest dog; the Chinese Crested and Pug cross has appeared on the two most popular breakfast television shows in the UK, and her photo has been published in newspapers.

In the French capital, Paris, clashes broke out on Thursday evening between riot police and demonstrators. President Macron shunned parliament and opted to push through a highly unpopular bill that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 by triggering a special constitutional power.

The USA claimed that a Russian fighter jet struck one of its Reaper drones during a surveillance and reconnaissance mission over the Black Sea. The Pentagon edited the video to condense the action, Russia has denied these accusations.

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