‘Nobody knew the truth’: Pamela Anderson reacts to Pam & Tommy for the first time in upcoming Netflix documentary

Pamela Anderson opens up about her feelings surrounding Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, the dramatisation of her and Tommy Lee’s sex tape scandal, for the first time in her upcoming Netflix documentary, Pamela, a love story.

The Hulu series starred Lily James as Anderson and Sebastian Stan as Lee. Anderson notably did not give the show or James her approval despite their attempts to reach out to the former Baywatch star.

Now, in a first-look interview with Vanity Fair, Anderson revealed that she learned of the Hulu series while she was filming the documentary, inciting a “painful aftershock of trauma”. Her reaction will be shown in the Netflix film.

She told the publication: “Nobody knew the truth – even I don’t know 100 per cent of what happened, but I think what is most important is to share my human feelings and how much it hurt and how it undeniably defined me moving forward – in my career and my relationships.”

“I was very hesitant, but looking back, I feel empowered,” Anderson told Netflix’s TUDUM about her decision to do the doc. “And I hope that [my story] inspires people to have a great fucking time and not worry so much.”

Using footage from the actor’s personal archives, the film will stand as an opportunity for Anderson to share stories about her life on- and off-camera.

Lily James in ‘Pam & Tommy’ (HULU)
Lily James in ‘Pam & Tommy’ (HULU)

Director Ryan White (Good Night Oppy) added: “We have this whole archive of Tommy and Pamela falling in love, and I think our film will really humanise them. I think they’re often seen as these larger-than-life … maybe even cartoon characters. When you watch this footage of them meeting, it’s really beautiful.”

Pamela, a love story is set to launch on Netflix in the new year.