#Nodapl Protestors Rally by Governor's Residence, Riot Police Make Arrests

#NoDAPL protesters were met with riot police outside the North Dakota governor’s residence in Bismarck on Thursday, November 3.

Several dozen self-described water protectors, along with clergy and other allies, marched from the capitol building to the governor’s mansion Thursday night, demanding an end to the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline. While the event begins without incident, riot police show up, eventually arresting people engaged in prayer across the street from the main group.

In the nearly 45-minute video, both clergy and other attendees implore police to allow them to protest. The group disperses at the end after being threatened with arrest. Local police, including the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, have come under fire for violent tactics against both protesters and journalists. President Barack Obama has said he will let the protests play out before making a decision. Credit: Facebook/johnnykdangers