Noel Edmonds: 'There is no feud with Holly Willoughby'

Noel Edmonds has denied that he and Holly Willoughby hate each other, declaring “there is no feud”.

During his stint in I’m a Celebrity, Edmonds had to face presenter Willoughby who he last met during a row on This Morning about his opinions on positive energy and health.

Edmonds appeared on Good Morning Britain where he told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid: “The truth of the matter is, I respect Holly as a broadcaster, and Phil (Schofield).

“We had a spat on This Morning. I would love to have the opportunity to go on This Morning again and talk about the subject of the human body energy system. I never ever said pulsed electromagnetism cured my cancer. I never said that. I said it helped me tackle my cancer.

“We got into one of those silly production squabbles which doesn’t help the viewer. I saw Holly yesterday, we hugged and there is no feud. If it helps to boost newspaper circulation, bring it on.”

He later spoke to Lorraine about the rumours, adding: “There’s no feud with Holly. One particular newspaper has been trying to make it up that I’m jealous of Ant and Dec’s success.

“I know some people don’t like it but we all do get on very well.”

Edmonds also suggested that Willoughby didn’t bear a grudge either, telling the Irish Mirror: “You’d have to talk to Holly, but she said to me this morning it was b******s.

“We’re all professionals, she’s upset about the idea, I’m upset about the idea, it doesn’t exist.”

Explaining more about his controversial cosmic ordering beliefs, Edmonds told GMB: “I have been dubbed as being a bit eccentric and a bit crazy, but it’s very straightforward – I call it cosmic ordering, billions of people around the planet call it prayer.

“I’m very interested in the science behind positive human energy. If it’s good enough for NASA it’s good enough for me.”

As reportedly the highest-ever-paid I’m a Celebrity contestant with a rumoured rate of £600,000 and one of the best-known celebrities, it was a shock that Edmonds was voted out of the jungle first.

He admitted he was surprised at the result too, telling GMB: “I was initially very, very surprised, then the next emotion was great disappointment and I felt very sad because I went in there to be honest and open and give it my best shot.

“I felt I went too soon because it wasn’t that I had a lot planned, I was thinking ahead to how the dynamic changes as the number of people comes down.

“I’m not going to try and overanalyse it. You’re not looking at a Noel Edmonds who is anything other than hugely grateful for the most astonishing experience. I now have a lifetime friendship with Harry and Sandra (Redknapp).

“Yeah, I was first one out, I was really, really surprised and a little bit upset but hey, I’ve got over it.”


He added to Lorraine: “You weren’t as astonished as I was, I was hoping to hang around for a little longer. I was surprised and then I was disappointed and then I felt a bit down.”

While Edmonds has no plans to return to his House Party days, he did hint that his time on TV was not over yet.

He told GMB: “Do I miss big Saturday night telly? No, I don’t miss it. I offered the British public a chance – if they made me King of the Jungle, I was going to quit. They didn’t. Be very afraid.”

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