Noel Edmonds Slams Phillip Schofield After ‘Aggressive’ And ‘Disrespectful’ Cancer Interview

Deal Or No Deal presenter Noel Edmonds hit the headlines last week after claiming that “stress” was the cause of his 2013 prostate cancer diagnosis during an awkward appearance on ITV’s This Morning.

Viewers across the country could not hide their shock as Noel made the sensational claims, with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby giving the star a grilling on live TV.

Now Noel has hit back at the way he was treated by the presenters, claiming that Phillip stitched him up and came across as “aggressive” and “disrespectful”.

Responding to the line of questioning in a statement on his website, the 67-year-old said: “I cannot allow my experience on This Morning (08/06/16) to pass without personal comment.

"I was invited on the show, hosted by 2 people I greatly admire, ‘to explain more about the benefits you’ve experienced from PEMF technology’. Prior to my appearance I decided my belief in the benefits of PEMF would carry more credence if viewers understood my own experience with prostate cancer.

"This was to be the first time I publicly spoke of my cancer, how it was treated and why I believe the result was so successful.

"I was asked to pose for the pre-show trail and was stunned when they totally misquoted a comment from social media. I wish I’d walked out then but respect for the production and 40 years of broadcasting professionalism made me stay. My thought was 'surely such a reputable show wouldn’t distort comments on such an important issue?’

"What came next makes me sad on 2 counts:

"Firstly, the style of questioning was aggressive and disrespectful to the viewer. I am an open and honest person and always prepared to give straight answers to straight questions but I wasn’t given the time to respond. Phil- trying to be Jeremy Paxman doesn’t suit you and at least JP gives his guest the chance to answer. Oh and Phil, if you’re unlucky enough to be seriously ill, I promise I wont be so callous and I will show you respect, sympathy and compassion.

"However, my greater sadness is a program I admire missed a wonderful opportunity to possibly save lives and improve the lives of very sick people by discussing in a balanced and informed way the various energy options available to people diagnosed with cancer.

"Subsequently I have received great support and encouragement from industry colleagues and This Morning viewers who suggest the show now owes me a 'rematch.’ I disagree.

"I feel This Morning should quickly revisit the subject I attempted to address-how positive energy in all its forms is a component of responsible healthcare- not for my benefit, but for all those viewers who were treated with disrespect and were cheated of information that could be so valuable to them.

"So, Phil and Holly how about persuading your production masters to revisit the subject but this time with integrity and honesty? I would be happy to contribute but if you don’t wish to involve me that’s fine. My only intention is to help people make informed decisions. I trust you and This Morning embrace the merits of this ambition? [sic]”

However, Phil is said to be less than impressed with Noel’s criticism, with a source telling The Mirror: “Noel’s furious but Phil is angry at suggestions he acted improperly.

"No one would dream of being disrespectful to cancer sufferers. It’s still very raw.”

Neither Phil or Holly have responded directly to Noel’s comments.