Noel Fielding brands Bake Off challenge "car crash"

bake off desserts week alison hammond, saku and noel fielding
Noel Fielding calls Bake Off challenge "car crash"mark bourdillon - Channel 4

The Great British Bake Off series 14 spoilers follow.

Bake Off co-host Noel Fielding has branded a challenge from this week's episode a "car crash" after disastrous results.

It was Desserts Week in the tent on Tuesday night (November 7), and things didn't get off to a good start when judge Paul Hollywood challenged the bakers to make six individual orange and ginger treacle puddings in the Technical.

The trouble was apparent immediately when Saku admitted outright that she had no idea how to make an orange and treacle pudding — and her fellow competitors weren't faring any better.

"It's critical that they get the bake right. It's 40 minutes minimum," Paul explained to Prue.

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Unfortunately, the bakers didn't have Paul's expertise on the dessert, and most set their orange and ginger treacle puddings to bake for only 20-25 minutes.

One by one, the bakers started to plate their puddings, only to find that they were only partially cooked, leading to gag-worthy scenes of soppy batter that Noel called "a car crash".

When it came time for the judging, Paul took one look at the submissions and walked away from the table after describing the puddings as "disgusting".

bake off desserts week alison hammond, saku and noel fielding
mark bourdillon - Channel 4

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Looking at the bright side, co-host Alison Hammond pointed out: "At least you're all roughly on the same level."

"That's not a compliment," Matty replied with a chuckle.

The mood was kept quite light-hearted as Paul delivered a tongue-in-cheek lecture on how the bakers had all failed the challenge.

"You've let Prue down, you've let me down, you've let yourselves down. Consider yourselves roasted," Paul told them while holding back a laugh.

bake off desserts week prue leith and paul hollywood
mark bourdillon - Channel 4

In the end, Tasha won the Technical, but that's not saying much.

Luckily, the bakers had a chance to redeem themselves in the Showstopper for the week when they were challenged to give the Meringue Bombe a unique twist.

The Great British Bake Off and its spin-off Bake Off: An Extra Slice both air on Channel 4 in the UK. In the US, it's known as The Great British Baking Show, and streams on Netflix.

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