Nominate a Nottingham hospital worker who has changed your life for 'special award'

The Team NUH Awards last year
The Team NUH Awards last year -Credit:Beth Walsh Photography/ NUH

Members of the public are being asked to nominate Nottingham hospital workers who have changed their lives for a “special” award. The Public Award and Volunteer of the Year Awards are being dished out to staff at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) as part of the trust's annual ceremony.

The trust, which runs the Queen's Medical Centre and City Hospital, said it was an opportunity to reward workers who have been "truly outstanding in their role". Anthony May, chief executive at NUH said: "This is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contribution of our colleagues and volunteers, our frontline teams and those working behind the scenes.

“Both awards are important because nominations are received by members of the public, and the winner of the Public Award is chosen from the public nominations received. We are proud to serve our local and wider population, and want to provide this opportunity for the public to recognise when colleagues have done a good job.”

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Clinical nurse specialist, Erica Littleworth, from the Motor Neurone Disease team that took home last year's Public Award, said it was a morale boost for them. “Doing a job so full of sadness every day can be emotionally challenging; being recognised for our hard work was acknowledgement of everything we strive to do, that it does indeed impact positively upon our patients’ journey.

“Out of all of the NUH Awards we could have been nominated for, this one holds such meaning. To have our patients and their relatives taking time out of their incredibly difficult lives to nominate made this award so very special.”

Steve Coulby was crowned Volunteer of the Year 2023 for his work on Nottingham Hospitals Radio and said it was "probably the best thing I have ever won". He added:. He said: "Whilst I get an enormous amount of satisfaction from doing what I do, it is wonderful to know that it is appreciated by the patients and staff alike.

Steve Coulby
Steve Coulby -Credit:NUH

"The fact that very busy people took time out of their day to complete the nomination makes it that much more special. Volunteers are there to help you and make the difficult and stressful times that little bit easier.

"It is such a wonderful part of human nature to give and help others. I am immensely proud to have been recognised.”

Nottinghamshire Live is sponsoring the Public Award and will be featuring stories about some of the nominees over the coming months.

Editor Natalie Fahy will be judging the entries again this year, and presenting an award at the ceremony.

She said: "We've all been helped, or know a loved one who's been helped by an NHS hero. Perhaps you wanted to say thanks at the time but it got forgotten in the rush of leaving hospital, or you didn't know quite how to say it.

"I will never forget the midwives who brought my sons safely into the world at QMC - but I never got to say thank you at the time.

"This is the time to let those people know how grateful you were for what they've done and a small way to say thank you."