Nord Stream sabotage revelations: Who's really behind Russian gas pipeline explosions?

Who did sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines? Without much proof to go on, pundits could only root for the version that would suit their cause. But German investigators have now revealed they have found traces of explosives aboard a yacht that may have carried the charge that last September knocked out the undersea conduit that supplies Russian gas to Europe via the Baltic Sea.

It's an active investigation and Berlin warns not to jump to hasty conclusions. We go over the facts and the possible motives to once and for all sever Europe's dependency on the Kremlin for its energy: was it a false flag operation by Moscow to show strength and spite for the suspension of those gas imports? What about the recent claim by veteran American journalist Seymour Hersh that gas producers Norway and the US somehow colluded?

And now come the latest revelations. According to German reports, the yacht had been rented from a company based in Poland that is "apparently owned by two Ukrainians". Kyiv staunchly denies any involvement.

More broadly, with winter nearly over, we ask how Europe has fared without Russian gas and what has changed in the six months since that energy lifeline to Moscow was suddenly cut off.

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Sara Ayach and Louise Guibert.


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