Norfolk beach closed due to risk of homes falling into sea

A beach in Norfolk has been closed off from the public due to erosion and the risk of homes falling into the sea, the Hemsby Lifeboat crew has said.

In a Facebook post, the independent lifeboat volunteer service - that is not connected with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution - said the Hemsby Gap beach has suffered "significant" damage due to winds and high tides.

The team was worried that the high tides may result in potential losses from the dunes and said a "6ft sheer drop at the entry to the beach at the Gap," has become a hazard.

A tide of 11ft was expected on Saturday night and was monitored by the lifeboat crew to "minimise the risk to property and the public."

The lifeboat volunteer service added that the area became a "threat" to the public "due to the instability of the sand where the sea has cut into the slope to the beach, leading to them closing it off from the public.

"It was deemed too much of a risk to public safety by the Lifeboat, and so the decision was taken to temporarily close the access point to the beach to avoid the chance of injury due to further collapse," they said in the post.

Hemsby Lifeboat thanked members of the public for being supportive in the matter, "despite those measures restricting their movements".

"We hope this precaution will remain just that, and the beach will be opened again as soon as the area is safe."

'We have an unhealthy beach'

Hemsby Beach Café recently highlighted damage caused by strong tides in an Instagram post.

"The loss of material is frightening," it said.

"I can't remember losing so much in such a small amount of time.

"Yes we've had weather events and lost material over a period of time but this was a short and sharp one which has left us very exposed to another storm/strong tide and a north-easterly wind.

"People woke up this morning not knowing their homes might be in danger."

The café posted an update on Sunday which said: "High tide now falling away but unfortunately not retreating far as we have an unhealthy beach at the moment."

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Repeating devastating scenes

In 2018, homes in Hemsby were evacuated amid fears they could also be washed into the sea.

Homes were also damaged and washed into the sea as the biggest tidal surge hit Britain in 2013, which resulted in houses being ripped from the cliff top position as sea levels increased.