Norfolk farmer Tony Martin who killed teen burglar says he would 'do the same thing again'

Norfolk farmer Tony Martin outside his farmhouse, Bleak House (Picture: BBC)

A farmer who was jailed for killing a teenage burglar in his house almost 20 years ago has expressed no remorse for what he did.

Tony Martin, 74, shot Fred Barras, 16, dead at his Norfolk farmhouse in August 1999, and also wounded his accomplice, Brendon Fearon, 29.

Martin fired at the pair with an unlicensed shotgun after he discovered them inside his Bleak House farmhouse in Emneth Hungate.

Martin shot and killed 16-year-old burglar Fred Barras at his home in Norfolk (Picture: PA)

In a new docu-drama to be broadcast on Channel 4 on Sunday, Martin reportedly shows no remorse for the killing.

He was jailed for life at Norwich Crown Court in April 2000 but later had his sentence reduced to five years for manslaughter, eventually serving three years in prison.

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In Channel 4 programme The Interrogation of Tony Martin, he insists he would do the same thing all over again.

The show uses verbatim statements from police interviews that were conducted in the days following Martin’s arrest. The farmer is played by The League Of Gentlemen actor Steve Pemberton, while Line Of Duty’s Daniel Mays portrays the officer conducting the interview.

Steve Pemberton, left, as Tony Martin and Daniel Mays in The Interrogation Of Tony Martin (Picture: Channel 4)

However, Martin himself appears at the end of the programme and shows no remorse for the teenager’s killing.

The Sun reported that he tells the programme: “He wasn’t a boy, he was a young man.

“I don’t even think about it. I sympathise with the mother saying: ‘Well I only had one boy and now he’s dead’.

“But it’s no good blaming me. What goes around, comes around.”

In the programme, he says: “If I’m in the house and somebody comes in the house, I’m going to look after myself.

“If they think I’m going to stand there and ask them what they’re doing, I’m not that stupid.

“When you start to run you’ll be forever running. So you have to stand your ground.”