North Tyneside cancer charity launches wellbeing books as part of mission to care for those living with illness

Maureen Elliott of Live Well With Cancer at a crafting session, with wellbeing books produced by the charity
Maureen Elliott of Live Well With Cancer at a crafting session, with wellbeing books produced by the charity -Credit:Highlights PR

A North Tyneside cancer charity has launched a series of wellbeing books as it looks to help people through living with the illness.

Live Well With Cancer - founded by specialist nurse Maureen Elliott - runs across the borough. It's aim is to support people through creativity and by "filling in the gaps" for people in need.

This can be through peer support, psychological help or even exercise or crafting sessions. The charity has now launched a range of wellbeing books - including colouring books and a journal that encourages people to prioritise their mental health and needs.

Live Well With Cancer also has a wellbeing centre upstairs at the North Bank Cafe in North Shields. Maureen said: "At the heart of our mission is a deep understanding of the profound challenges faced by individuals at every stage of the cancer journey.

"From the uncertainty at diagnosis to the physical and emotional toll of treatment, our goal is to provide comprehensive support that addresses the holistic needs of people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis."

She said the range of books were both resources to support those living with cancer, and a fundraising tool. Maureen added: "We also believe in the power of creative practices to cultivate resilience, inner peace, and healing. By integrating these practices into our fundraising initiatives, we raise essential funds and offer meaningful resources to individuals navigating the challenges of cancer."

Thus far, the charity has put together colouring books featuring North Tyneside and Northumberland landmarks - which have a focus on mindfulness - along with working on the Wellbeing 9-a-Day journal, which highlights the importance of looking after one's mental health, especially if you are ill.

The hub upstairs at the cafe holds classes including for yoga, pre- and re-habilitation classes for those undergoing or set to undergo cancer treatment, and all manner of arts and craft sessions.

Maureen added: "Our vision for North Bank Cafe was to create a welcoming space where individuals could find solace, support, and community.

"We've witnessed first-hand the transformative power of opportune conversations and connections that arise in this space. For example, men in particular will come into the cafe on the pretence of having a cup of coffee, then they'll have another cup of coffee, and then they'll get the courage to say “Is there anyone I can speak to?” That’s one of the wonderful parts of the café’s function.”