Northern Ireland pub's heartwarming Christmas ad goes viral as the best of 2023

Northern Ireland pub's heartwarming Christmas ad goes viral as the best of 2023

A Christmas advert made by a pub in Northern Ireland is giving John Lewis a run for their money.

When Charlie Bar’s manager Una Burns based in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, uploaded the advert she didn’t “expect the reaction that it received”.

The pub’s simple yet very heartwarming advert features an old man strolling through the town by himself while wearing a dejected expression. Once inside the bar, he is accompanied by a couple and their adorable dog who sit, drink and converse with him.

If you’re as sensitive as I am, I'd advise you to grab yourself a box of tissues.

Shining a spotlight on loneliness at Christmastime, the advert took social media by storm, with some viewers even comparing it to the masterpieces John Lewis has been creating over the years.

One viewer who praised the advertisement said: "This Christmas ad for a pub in Enniskillen is better than anything John Lewis has ever put out".

While another added: "Forget about John Lewis, this ad from Charlie’s Bar in Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh has me in bits. It was posted with the WB Yeats quote: "There Are No Strangers Here; Only Friends You Haven’t Yet Met."

A third person, also on the same boat said: "Charlie’s Bar epic Christmas video features in several of the national newspapers today. Watch the £700 Christmas advert that’s ‘better than John Lewis'."

Burns spoke about the advert with PA News Agency after it racked up over six million views, on X, formerly known as Twitter, compared with John Lewis’ Snapper, which has only received 1.7 million views.

She said: “I feel completely overwhelmed, to be honest. We’re just a small, local pub and we just wanted to provide a Christmas advert that hopefully resonated with people and for us, it became apparent over the years that Christmas can be a really lonely, tough time for some people.

“We were not expecting the reaction that it’s received – it’s just blown up, and it’s been so lovely to read the comments underneath the posts as well.”

Burns added it might now have to be done every year, in that case, they have big shoes to fill.

What did you think of the advert, do you think it deserves to be called the best of 2023?