Northern Lights could appear again on Teesside after magical display last week

Northern Lights over Linthorpe
Northern Lights over Linthorpe -Credit:Adrian Dennis

Teessiders went Northern Lights crazy last weekend after spectacular displays of the multi-coloured night skies.

And astronomy fans could be in for another treat as the illuminations could be visible again tonight, on Saturday, May 18. Experts from the Aurora Watch UK group shared: "Aurora is likely to be visible by eye from Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland; possibly visible from elsewhere in the UK. Photographs of aurora are likely from anywhere in the UK."

The Aurora Borealis was seen across the UK last weekend, caused by solar radiation from a G2 geomagnetic storm, resulting in an array of vibrant green, pink, and purple colours across the night sky. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed that a similar storm hasn't been observed in the last two decades.

The UK Met Office predicts that these enhanced displays will likely continue into the early hours of Sunday, May 19, if the skies remain clear. So lets keep everyting crossed for another chance to witness this amazing natural spectacle, so head outside and keep your eyes peeled!

Another solar blast is expected in two weeks when the sunspot that created the Northern Lights rotates back towards the Earth. The Sun is approaching what is called "solar maximum" - a point during an 11-year cycle when its activity is strongest. The storms are usually most visible in the early hours of the morning. They can be spotted any time from when the sky is dark but are easiest to see at around 2am or 3am.

Setting your camera to night mode will ensure the best possible pictures.

Here's a selection of Teessiders' amazing images from last weekend - lets hope for the same again.