Northern Lights 'red alert' for Northern Ireland as aurora could be seen again across country

Northern lights spotted at the Giant's Causeway
Northern lights spotted at the Giant's Causeway -Credit:Northern Ireland Photographer/Instagram

Stargazers could be set for another treat on Saturday as the Northern Lights may once again be visible from many parts of Northern Ireland.

The aurora borealis dazzled many across the country last Saturday night with colourful green and pink skies which some have spent thousands chasing over the years.

Scientists at Aurora Watch UK have issued a red alert that the Northern Lights may be visible in large parts of the UK again on Saturday May 18, including Northern Ireland.

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Scientists from the Space and Planetary Physics group at Lancaster University’s Department of Physics, said: "Aurora is likely to be visible by eye from Scotland, orthern England and Northern Ireland; possibly visible from elsewhere in the UK.

"Photographs of aurora are likely from anywhere in the UK."

Last week the Aurora Borealis was visible across the whole country as solar radiation crashed into the Earth's atmosphere, creating shimmering sheets of green, pink and purple light in the night sky.

The Met Office space weather unit says "enhancement to the aurora is likely into early May 18."

The phenomenon is caused by geomagnetic storms in the sky, and are usually most visible in the early hours of the morning.

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