Northumberland choir to celebrate 20th anniversary with performances including Edinburgh Fringe

Rock Festival Choir playing at the Glasshouse, formerly the Sage
-Credit: (Image: Jane Nolan)

A Northumberland choir is set to celebrate its 20th anniversary this summer, including one at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Alnwick's Chamber Choir is celebrating the milestone with a concert at St Paul's Church in Alnwick on Sunday, June 30 at 3pm. Originally formed to commemorate the renovation of the famous organ at Rock Village Church in 2004, the name Rock Festival Choir has confused people ever since - with some expecting renditions of the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Killers and St Vincent.

Now subtitle Alnwick Chamber Choir, the group has performed in The Glasshouse (formerly the Sage), Alnwick Gardens, Alnwick Castle, and Brinkburn Priory. Part of its 20th anniversary celebrations also include a performance at St Mary's Cathedral in Edinburgh as part of the world's biggest arts festival, the Edinburgh Fringe.

Peter Brown, founder and musical director of Rock Festival Choir says that the upcoming concerts include favourites voted for by the choir. He added: "We have been proud to champion the music of our members and have included the favourites of our five resident composers".

Margaret Watchorn, soprano and pianist, said she couldn't believe two decades had already passed since the choir's formation. She said: "I have vivid memories of the very first rehearsal (in what was then Rock Hall School) and the joy of being among people who, although unfamiliar to me, felt instantly like good friends.

Rock Festival Choir in 2004, the year it formed
Rock Festival Choir in 2004, the year it formed -Credit:Jane Nolan

"RFC brings me joy, challenge, excitement, friendship, a whole gamut of emotions and the privilege of belonging to a very special musical family. Accompanying the choir as part of our Edinburgh Fringe performances is something I’ll always treasure".

For more information on the Rock Festival Choir or to book tickets for their upcoming performances, visit the website.