Northumberland council tenant banned from home after behaviour 'disrupted neighbourhood'

A tenant of Crofton Street, Blyth, has been issued with a Closure Order for three months
A tenant of Crofton Street, Blyth, has been issued with a Closure Order for three months -Credit:Northumberland County Council

A council tenant has been temporarily banned from his Northumberland home following a history of serious anti-social behaviour at the property which disrupted the neighbourhood and left other tenants living in fear.

Since January 2024, there have been a number of incidents at a home on Crofton Street in Blyth, which the council says have "escalated in nature". Northumberland County Council's Housing Service and Northumbria Police launched an investigation after "significant and multiple" complaints about drug use, serious anti-social behaviour, and disturbance by those visiting the property.

Assaults have occurred in the immediate vicinity and inside the property, and its windows have recently been smashed. A closure order has been made in relation to the property by Northumberland Magistrates for a period of three months.

This bans anybody from entering the premises other than Northumberland County Council and any authorised officers. The premises will be monitored and penalties for breaching the Closure Order include a fine or a period of imprisonment.

Northumberland County Councillor Gordon Stewart, cabinet member for looking after our communities, said: "We received a high number of serious complaints from neighbours concerned about the continued acts of anti-social behaviour coming from this property. The tenant has not engaged with support services and has been given multiple opportunities to amend his behaviour.

"Residents have a right to live in their homes in peace and without fear. We hope that this Closure Order sends out a strong message that behaviour which ruins the safety and quality of life for other people in Northumberland will not be tolerated."

Inspector Jon Caisley, of Northumbria Police, added: "We know the impact that the tenant and their associates were having on the quality of life for local residents.

"Members of the community should not be made to feel intimidated or frightened in their own home, which is why we have worked closely with the council in order to shut this address down. We will continue to closely monitor the area and take action should anyone breach this Closure Order."