Direct hit! Norweigan navy films missile target practice on its own boat

This is the explosive moment the Norwegian navy blew up one of its own ships to demonstrate the devastating power of its latest missiles.

The KNM Trondheim, a 300ft long decommissioned frigate, was transported out into the sea off the coast of Andoy for target practice.

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Military chiefs then fired the new ‘Naval Strike Missile’ - a four-metre long, 880lb weapon - in the direction of the vessel.

The subsonic missile, which has a range of up to 150km, smashed straight into the frigate with pinpoint accuracy.

A huge fireball then erupted and debris spewed hundreds of feet into the air as the vessel suffering major damage.

Video from onboard the KNM Trondheim captured the moment the missile and its 275lb warhead smashed into it.

The stricken vessel was then towed back into a harbour following the exercise.

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Stig Klynderud, who oversaw the target practice, said: "The damage to the target ship was as expected and clean-up went according to plan."

Naval Strike Missiles are the latest generation surface warfare missile system from Scandinavian defence firm Kongsberg and are currently being used by the Norwegian navy.

The weapons can also be fired from F-35 fighter jets.