Nosy Moose Sniffs Alaska Photographer's Camera

A curious moose was spotted strolling through a snowy neighborhood in Palmer, Alaska, on February 21, getting up close and personal with a photographer by sniffing his camera.

The video, recorded by Charles Ziegelheim, shows the massive wild animal walking through the snow as it crosses the urban area, getting closer to the recorder. Ziegelheim can be heard in the background saying “hi buddy.”

Ziegelheim told Storyful that the “young moose walked past the window” as he was preparing to go photograph some airliners, so he dropped what he was doing and went outside to photograph and just “experience being in proximity with the moose.”

Ziegelheim said the moose was giving “body language of both curiosity and hesitance,” so he sat back and felt “at ease just watching.”

“Apparently, that was long enough to not seem like a threat, as she came right up to say hello or check for more food,” he said. “It was quite a special experience.” Credit: Charles Ziegelheim via Storyful

Video transcript

CHARLES ZIEGELHEIM: Moose, moose, moose. That was the coolest thing ever. His nose is so soft, or her nose. That was crazy.