'Not broken, don't fix it' - What readers say on school holiday changes

Children queue to use the long slide at Roath Park during the school  summer  break. school holidays. August 1977. WME Copyright Image.

The Welsh Government's proposal to change the school holiday schedule has sparked a lot of reader opinion. The proposal intends to shorten the summer holidays to four or five weeks, instead of the current six weeks. The additional weeks will be added elsewhere in the school year.

We have highlighted some of the reasons why this would not be a good idea here. From concerns over child poverty to teacher shortages and family dynamics, it seems this proposal has everyone talking.

WR2 made their thoughts clear by saying: "Not broken, don't fix it. Don't meddle and cause a muddle." While TrevorNoddle sees a possible benefit for children who don't have much money and said: "I agree with it because it will help the poorest kids, the real question though is why has Wales got the highest levels of child poverty in the U.K.?"

MrTigger81 said: "For parents who are struggling this might be a godsend but I fail to understand how two weeks less holidays will improve attendance unless it's a sneaky way of massaging figures."

While Charlie08 said: "Put it down to 5 weeks and add another week at Easter"

Chuck23 has come up with something very similar by saying: "An extra week in October is about the best idea the Welsh government ever had, more families might be able to go away on holiday then too, extending the season if you like.

Asterixthegog and Kraal talk about how important events like the Royal Welsh Show are. They worry that changing the holidays could affect traditions and local businesses and attendance to the show as well

Rosebuddy said: "I was a teacher in Wales for 20 years. If I was still in the system with these new proposals I’d quite simply move over the border. Wales already has a chronic teacher shortage, this short-sighted and unthought-out move will exacerbate the situation"

Sean6758 says "A single parent has on average 25-30 day leave a year. That's 6 weeks, so that only covers summer holidays, what about half terms, easter, and Christmas? Not forgetting teacher training days. Child care is expensive."

Mostofwales and themountofpontycristo prefer to keep longer summer breaks, mentioning the ease of fun activities and a general call to stop more government changes in education.

Rothman cynically thinks this move might be more about making Wales different from England rather than bettering education. At the same time, Fifth_account jokingly notes that England might gain from Welsh teachers running away from these changes.

Scams2000 neatly sums up a feeling shared by many: "WG stop messing with cars and kids school holidays, fix the real issues."

Previous changes to school term and holiday dates, proposed in a survey last year included three options. These were having three school terms of about 13 weeks each, five school terms of about seven to eight weeks, or six school terms lasting about six to seven weeks.

That has now been whittled down to one proposal to shorten the summer term first from six to five weeks and then to four, with the autumn half term lengthened and spring holiday not necessarily coinciding with Easter.

What do you think of the proposals for the school holidays - let us know in the comments below.