'Not everyone likes football' - readers react as favourite shows axed from TV line-up for Euro24 games

Jude Bellingham of England celebrates with teammates after scoring his team's first goal in Euro2024
-Credit: (Image: Matt McNulty - UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

Chronicle Live readers have been commenting on Facebook, reacting to the news that Tipping Point and The Chase have been removed from ITV schedules this week, swapping quiz questions for sports sessions.

Long-standing fixtures of ITV's afternoon and early evening line-up, the shows usually snag the 4pm and 5pm spots on weekdays. However, this week they've gone missing in the TV guides, as ITV gives the spotlight to live sports. For more details on the schedule changes, you can check the ITV guide.

In the coming weeks, Euro 2024 is taking over the airwaves, with BBC1 and ITV1's schedules packed to the brim with group matches. Meanwhile, BBC has shuffled its star players, like The One Show and EastEnders, over to BBC2's team, while ITV has cancelled some favourite shows entirely. The situation has been worsened by the coverage of Ascot and with Wimbledon and the Olympics on the horizon fans of the shows are worried.

Lynne Bolton is unhappy: “Sport on all sides what rubbish.” Susan Hockenhull agrees: “ why can’t they put the sports on the sports channel instead of screwing up the normal schedules??!!!” Vicky Cullen New adds: “I don't see the point in sport channels anymore.”

Kathleen Laidler writes: “They are both on next week And ITV wonder why they aren’t getting the viewers.” Kym Foster is not happy either: “It’s disgusting not EVERYONE likes football. It shouldn’t be dominating our TV's.”

Chris Mclean thinks however: “It makes a change from all the repeated shows for live shows and I'm not a football fan either.” Stewart Short says: “Get used to it, as it is now the sporting season. Wimbledon and then the Olympics. Then July 4th-5th wall to wall election.”

Ben Bot says: “They are not axed. There happens to be a lot of live sport going on at the moment. I have no interest in horse racing and love the Chase, but it's only for a few days. Find some old ones on channel 48. That's what I am doing.” Sean Daly replies: “OK you might not like horse racing but millions of people do they put the odd meeting on now and then but it's normally on Saturday and people have the rest of the week to watch soaps and they moan like big kids.”

Ben Bot goes on to say: “I agree. That's exactly what I was saying. You get soap operas multiple times a week all year but as soon as they have to be moved, selfish people complain. I would never watch them but am not advocating their complete removal from the schedule. Live sport is only on for a short period and I enjoy watching most of it. I had to choose between cricket, tennis and football this afternoon, all live. Live and let live. Just choose another channel. There are plenty these days.”

Shirley Holman thinks she has found an alternative: “It’s not my year, the euros, tennis at Queen, Royal Ascot, Wimbledon test matches and the Olympics. I don’t like any sport so I think I’ll get some good books to read.”

How do you feel about sport dominating our airwaves? Are you missing your favourite shows or are you a football fan? Have your say in our comments section.