Not Exactly Disney World: Alligator 'Hunts' Florida Tourist and Her Dog

A travel influencer joked that Florida was not the fun-filled destination she was expecting, after she documented an alligator following her and her dog back to the house they were staying in on Friday, March 29.

TikTok user Amanda Klecker wrote in the video’s caption, “Everyone else: glamorizing Florida, Disney, natural beauty. Me and my Chihuahua: hunted by an alligator that followed us back to the house.”

Footage posted to the account @jonathanwarrenthedog shows Klecker and her pooch watching the alligator from the house’s window after it had followed them during their walk. “Yes, we did get followed home by [an] alligator but yes, we are safe,” she wrote.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission advises people to keep pets on a leash and away from bodies of water, as pets often resemble an alligator’s natural prey.

Klecker regularly posts content of her and her Chihuahua, Jonathan, traveling the world on her TikTok page. Credit: @jonathanwarrenthedog via Storyful