'Service is not fit for use' as Newquay residents furious over new fortnightly rubbish collection

Dozens of bin bags dumped right outside the SUEZ waste and recycling centre in Newquay
Dozens of bin bags dumped right outside the SUEZ waste and recycling centre in Newquay -Credit:Debz Hartnett

Residents claim that only months into the new fortnightly waste collection plan their town is seeing massive tip queues, non-existent rubbish collections and dozens of discarded bin bags. Newquay readers have been expressing their opinions in our comments section below.

This situation comes just after Newquay was among the latest places in Cornwall to become subject to a new fortnightly rubbish collection. A local resident captured video footage of scores of vehicles waiting to enter the refuse tip showing how traffic lights from a neighbouring development are further adding to the chaos. Residents are complaining that the queues on the busy road are not only annoying but dangerous too.

Users claim another reason for the huge queues at the tip is that tip employees are asking to open black bags - as they have done for months - to check for recycling and to make sure individuals are following the existing regulations. Others blamed wait times on the 'one in one out' system.

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Locals are worried that the new bin rules and issues with the fortnightly bins not even being collected will result in a huge increase in people just dumping rubbish. Those who have resorted to fly-tipping have come under intense fire from some locals who claim the fly-tippers are both too lazy to wait in the queues or to recycle properly.

As reported last week, Maxine Baines asked: "What do people expect? The service is not fit for use. Stickers on bins because there are three bags in the black bin and the lid is not closed properly.

"So no rubbish collected and wait another two weeks and guess what? Six bags now and Biffa won’t take them. Sorry to say the problem is only going to get worse."

Cornwall Council say that the scheme is working well and that the amount of recycled rubbish collected in the area has risen by 15 per cent.

Loladog is unhappy: “On a bad day the queue is right back to the school which creates havoc for the vehicles just wanting to drive past the tip. As Newquay expands with more and more houses and residents, what do the council and SITA do? Reduce the opening hours. You couldn't make it up."

Kernowjay76 wants things to go back to the way they were: “Recycling should start at the manufacturer, why it has to impact the consumer is beyond comprehension. This new scheme by CC is all about improving recycling figures so why not make recycling weekly and keep everything as it was?? The whole food waste thing is ridiculous as I don't waste any food.... I can't afford to!!”

Archie2021 writes: “Just so I understand this, Cornwall Council has made a commitment to improve emissions and reduce the carbon footprint by 2030 but due to people having to drive to the tip more often now we are actually increasing our carbon footprint. We are also using the roads more, increasing pot holes again. We are also seeing more rubbish/waste being dumped in places it shouldn't. We are also seeing increased traffic now due to being made to drive to the tip.”

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Olliewilks is happy with the scheme: “Many other parts of the country have had fortnightly waste collections for several years (including where I live) and it works fine. The whole idea is to get everybody to recycle more and not just dump everything in the general waste.”

Rrtt agrees: ”I think it's disgusting there is no excuse for fly-tipping. And I see no problem with the fortnightly collection. If everyone recycled properly there wouldn't be a problem. My family can do it so why can't anyone else?”

Lighthouse80 writes: "I live in Newquay and our collections have been fine, no complaints at all. Not sure the size of the family who had three black bags in a fortnight, must have been very full if the bin wouldn't close. Question to be asked is were they recycling everything they could?”

How do you feel about fortnightly rubbish collections? Have your say in our comments section

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said: “In the first two months of the rollout in mid-Cornwall we collected 800 tonnes of food waste and the proportion of recycling we are picking up in the area has gone up from 40% of all waste collected to 55%.

“Most local authorities collect rubbish fortnightly, and we anticipate that residents will soon adjust to the new service. Limiting the amount of rubbish we collect to what fits in your wheelie bin or sack encourages everyone to recycle.

"It is a legal requirement for local authorities to collect food waste separately from rubbish. Help and advice on how to recycle and what goes in your new food waste bin can be found on the Cornwall Council website.”

SUEZ was contacted for comment.