'Not for the public' - Leeds United spending warning for summer transfer window promotion or not

Leeds United will not be spending freely this summer in the transfer window -Credit:Jess Hornby/PA Wire
Leeds United will not be spending freely this summer in the transfer window -Credit:Jess Hornby/PA Wire

Spending at Leeds United will not compete with their biggest rivals this summer whether they are in the Premier League or the Championship. Daniel Farke has reassured supporters, however, the club will be run in a sustainable way, even if that means promoting youth ahead of big purchases.

The publication of the club’s accounts gave everyone a fresh perspective on where United are at and while there were some significant transfer fees outstanding, there is understood to be no imminent risk of breaking profit and sustainability rules. Farke feels happy with where the club is at as he heads towards the end of his first season at the helm.

Promotion would of course mean competing with the richest clubs in the world, but another campaign of Championship football would not automatically make United the biggest spenders. Farke wants to be transparent on where the club is at and while he will push for the best squad possible this summer, he has no problem with developing Thorp Arch graduates for the first team.

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“We have lots of conversations in the background on what is possible and what is not possible, but this is not for the public,” he said a few weeks ago. “In my role, I want to concentrate [on football].

“I have to comment on so many topics, so I just want to focus on my topic. My topic is football. With the heart and soul, I'm a football manager and I love to speak about football and to develop a group and to develop a club in these terms.

“I'm not an accountant. I've also got an economic background, a little bit. I understand the numbers and when we have a conversation, I understand the necessities and what is necessary.

“The club is in top-class hands. In these terms, it’s never easy after a difficult spell to build sustainability and consistency, but we are definitely on the right path and we've got fantastic people who are concerned about this topic.

“I'm sure we will have a really good future. Perhaps we will not be the club capable of spending the biggest money, not in the Premier League and if it's Championship next season, probably also not in this league, but it's also not the topic.”

Coaching players, improving them, developing the training ground and enhancing the infrastructure of the club as a whole is Farke’s modus operandi. When his time to depart does come, he wants to hand over the club in a better place than where he found it.

“I don't want to be successful just because I can buy the best players. I want to be successful because our processes are the right way.

“I will also ask for quality and, believe me, as a manager, your life is easier when you can bring quality and experience in. There is also no doubt I will be insistent in order to give us the best possible squad and I work a lot in the background, but if it's not possible, then I'm not asking for miracles.

“I will work with what I've got and then we bring the next academy lads through, no problem. This club doesn't rely on just one player or just two players or just if we can spend lots of money.

“This club relies definitely on the supporters, but relies more on building something with sustainability and this is our way as long as I'm in charge. I will work exactly in this way and want to make sure this club is in a better position.

“When there is a time when I leave the club, I want to hand over this club in a much better position than it was when I came in through the door. This is my biggest aim and hopefully, in these terms, we will do quite a good job.”