The Note Lupita Nyong’o Gave When Her A Quiet Place Co-Star Joseph Quinn Signed On For Fantastic 4

 Eric, Sam and Frodo at a subway in A Quiet Place: Day One.
Credit: Paramount Pictures

Of all the upcoming Marvel movies that fans are looking forward to, there may be none with quite as much interest as The Fantastic Four. They are the first family of comics, and some of the most important characters in the superhero comic genre, and yet, the previous Fantastic Four film adaptations have been, uneven, at best. Joseph Quinn is getting ready to join the MCU in the upcoming film and it sounds like he’s quite excited for it, thanks to his A Quiet Place: Day One co-star Lupita Nyong’o.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is becoming so big that it’s getting difficult for any other movie to avoid starring actors who play roles in the Disney-owned franchise. Such is the case with A Quiet Place: Day One, which stars Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia in the Black Panther movies, and Joseph Quinn, who is set to join the Fantastic Four cast as Johnny Storm, The Human Torch. Quinn told People that his costar had been a great help to him, as she’s talked about how much she’s enjoyed working on the MCU movies. Honestly, it sounds like may have played a significant part in getting him to take the role. Quinn said…

She said that I'm going to have a blast and to enjoy it. She was very helpful when I was considering all of that stuff. She's obviously part of that world and spoke about her experience with a lot of fondness, so it was encouraging.

Based on the Fantastic Four details we have, the movie is going to be a period piece, set in the 1960s, though not necessarily in a universe that we’ll easily recognize. Of course, it seems likely that at some point, the team will find themselves in the main MCU timeline, so perhaps The Human Torch and Nakia will cross paths at some point.

The fact that making Marvel movies is “a blast” according to Lupita Nyong’o is potentially quite important when you consider what taking an MCU role likely entails. Marvel contracts are frequently for multiple movies, but exactly which movies, and when they’ll be made is frequently unclear. We can expect there are hopes that Fantastic Four will be a franchise of its own, but the characters could just as easily appear in other franchise movies over the next several years.

Making Fantastic Four movies may be a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work. Joseph Quinn has started working out with a personal trainer to get ready for the role. Filming is expected to start later this year ahead of the The Fantastic Four's release date which is currently set for just over a year from now, on July 25, 2025.