Nottingham City Council changes rules for all coloured bins and warns you could be fined

Bins in Nottingham
-Credit: (Image: Copyright Unknown)

Nottingham City Council has confirmed a change to the rules around household waste and warned that you could be fined if you don't follow them. The authority says that the rules have changed for "side waste" - items left alongside your bin that you cannot fit inside it.

The change came to light after a post on the Bulwell Community Facebook group. A poster wrote: "Just bought a new TV and put my recycling bin out with the box next to the bin.

"The recycling people came and emptied my recycling bin leaving the box behind. I went out and asked them to take my box and they said they won't take them anymore.

"They have a new policy and they can now only empty the recycling bins. They won't take anything else.

"So I asked them what to do with the box and they said it was my problem. They advised me to break it down and put it in the bin but I have told them that box will fill my entire bin and won't have anywhere else to put my recycling.

"So I am sorry to say this but I am starting to agree with people dumping their rubbish everywhere. It's because the council won't collect it anymore."

A spokesperson for Nottingham City Council confirmed the rules had changed. They added: "People will no longer be able to put side waste out with their bins, this means that the bin lid has to be closed and no bags or other items left at the side of the bins – this is for all coloured bins."

On the city council website, the authority states: "Ensure your bin lid is closed, and no side waste has been presented, or you may receive a fine."