Nottingham dessert cafe Creams launches loaded milkshakes with cake for an 'indulgent' summer treat

Gone are the days when milkshake flavours were just vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or banana. A Nottingham cafe has launched a new range of shakes that double up as dessert just in time for summer.

The loaded shakes from Creams, in Trinity Square, are deliciously refreshing and indulgent, easy to drink on-the-go or for relaxing over in the cafe. Giving loaded fries a run for their money, the shakes have all the sweetness of a Creams' dessert in a handy milkshake.

The birthday cake loaded shake is a celebration in a glass - although it doesn't have to be a special occasion to enjoy the signature homemade vanilla gelato with rainbow cake and sprinkles, strawberry sauce and whipped cream. The decadent chocolate salted caramel loaded shake is made with salted caramel gelato blended with double chocolate cookie dough, layered with Creams-a-tella sauce and topped with whipped cream and a chunk of triple chocolate brownie.

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The fruitiest of the bunch is the showstopping spiced cherry loaded shake, complete with spiced gelato blended with cherries and speculoos crumble into a thick shake layered with more cherries, sauce and topped with whipped cream and more crumble.

The loaded shakes cost £7.45. The dessert cafe has also launched new frappes in three flavours, strawberries and cream, caramel, and coffee, priced £4.45.