Nottingham job centre closed as security guards leave 'dangerous' job to join strike

The job centre on Upper Parliament Street with its doors closed
The Upper Parliament Street site has been closed -Credit:Nottingham Post

Security staff at a Nottingham job centre are among more than 1,000 who have started strike action across the country in a dispute over pay. Staff employed by G4S to work at the Department for Work and Pensions are walking out from sites including the job centre on Upper Parliament Street.

The strike began on Tuesday (May 7) and further dates planned include May 13, May 20 and May 28. The strike, backed by 95% of GMB members who voted, has started due to a pay offer from G4S described as below inflation.

The strike means that the Upper Parliament Street site is closed, but the job centre at Loxley House remains open. Those who had appointments are being contacted directly by their work coach.

The GMB says the latest offer means nearly 70% of the security guards are only paid the minimum wage. Eamon O'Hearn, from the GMB, said: "These security guards work hard in a difficult, demanding and often dangerous job.

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"They deserve a proper, living wage for what they do. G4S seem unwilling to provide that, so workers are taking matters into their own hands."

A G4S spokesperson said: "We're disappointed that the GMB have refused to take our improved pay offer to their members. We are continuing to try to reach an amicable agreement, and have implemented contingency plans to minimise disruption to our customer."

A DWP spokesperson said: "DWP payments are not affected by the strike action by external G4S staff who work in our job centres and most sites remain open. If a site is closed, we are contacting customers if appointments need to be rescheduled or moved to alternative locations."