Nottinghamshire's top three Chinese restaurants - according to review site

Photo of Mayfair Chinese Restaurant, on Mansfield Road
Mayfair Chinese Restaurant, on Mansfield Road -Credit:Andrew Topping / Nottingham Post

If you’re going to treat yourself to a Chinese, why not head to one of these best-rated restaurants in Nottinghamshire? Whether you’re a seafood lover craving deep-fried king prawns with chilli, or a vegetarian who favours vegetable spring rolls, these top three, reviewed by Three Best Rated, will satisfy any craving.

If you're looking for a takeaway, Willow House came out on top when Nottinghamshire Live asked its readers to vote for their favourite. The Sherwood venue, which boasts a 4.7-star rating out of 5 on Google, has a large menu with a wide range of dishes.

One reviewer, who had moved away from the area, was full of praise for the Mansfield Road venue when they returned several years later. But if you want to enjoy a sit-down meal at a Chinese restaurant, the three options below sound perfect.

Nottinghamshire's top three Chinese restaurants, according to Three Best Rated:

Mandarin Restaurant

The city venue ranked first for its authentic Chinese cuisine is Mandarin Restaurant. Owner Alan Cheung had to reopen in a new location after the original building burnt down in 2009. Only 50 metres away from its previous site, Mandarin restaurant is now located on Belward Street, Hockley.

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They offer a specialty dim sum menu, which one reviewer said: “Always hits the spot.” With over 60 dishes to choose from, they received a ten out of ten for their extensive menu. The site’s inspection report also gives top marks for experience, pricing, and business hours, as opening hours are 12pm-10pm and only closed on Thursday.

Mr Man’s Restaurant

Mr Man’s on Wollaton Road, only two miles west of the city centre, has been serving a fusion of Malay and Cantonese dishes since it was established in 1987. Named the second-best Chinese restaurant in Nottinghamshire, its location, pricing, and variety of menu were all rated ten out of ten.

Three Best Rated said: “Amazing ambience, food, and service at Mr Man’s Wollaton. The staff were very helpful and really friendly to us all listening carefully and paying attention to detail. The restaurant was very clean as was the toilets. We are definitely coming again in the next month as we were all impressed.”

Locals can eat signature dishes such as aromatic duck and sizzling fillet steak, then enjoy a walk in Wollaton Park situated close by.

Mayfair Restaurant

In third place is Mayfair Restaurant, on Mansfield Road, who offer a Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) deal alongside their Chinese cuisine. With their variety of menu ranked nine out of ten, their most popular appetizers include the butterfly prawns, crispy duck, and chilli ribs.

One reviewer praised the excellent customer service: “We love it here! It never changes, you always know exactly what to expect and people keep coming back. The guy who runs it is very friendly and takes the time for a chat. Would thoroughly recommend- great food and service.”

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