You Can Now Have A Sleepover With Dogs In Pyjamas To Encourage You To Adopt One

There is only one thing better than a luxurious and indulgent sleepover and that’s a sleepover that includes dogs.

And we don’t just mean going to a friend’s house who has a dog - we mean an actual sleepover where dogs are the main attraction.

Now you can actually do that - and the pooches will all be wearing pyjamas, just to add a touch of authenticity.

But this isn’t just something fun for humans - it’s actually part of a drive to encourage people to adopt a furry friend.

Cute: Dogs are dressed up in pyjamas for the sleepovers (WENN)

Adorable: The Lifeline Animal Project want to encourage people to adopt the dogs (WENN)

The thinking behind it is that you will enjoy yourself so much at the doggy sleepover, that you will simply not be able to resist giving one a loving home.

Lifeline Animal Project in Georgia hit upon the idea when one of their dogs, named Paul Anka, was at the rescue centre for nine months without being picked by anyone to go home with.

It all started when a dog named Paul Anka (shout-out to the Gilmore Girls reference, we’re big fans) had been at the shelter for nine months, without ever being noticed by prospective families.

So they decided to dress him up in pyjamas and allow people to spend the night with him so they could see just how adorable he was.

Look into my eyes: How could anyone resist that look? (WENN)

The scheme was extended after one dog was adopted from a sleepover (WENN)

And the plan worked - Paul Anka was adopted and now the scheme is being extended to more dogs at the shelter.

LifeLine spokesperson Karen Hirsch told The Dodo: ”We thought that putting a dog in pyjamas and asking if someone would let him spend the night would be a great attention getter.

“At the shelter they can often act too excited, because they desire human attention so much, but aren’t used to getting it for extended periods of time.

“When they go to someone’s house, they can settle down and just be themselves.”

Best. Idea. Ever.

Top pic: WENN