NS&I issuing 'bonus' to people who have Premium Bonds

National Savings and Insurance has explained its "bonus" Premium Bonds perk for holders. NS&I, which is backed by the Treasury, issues its winning Premium Bonds numbers each and every month, with prize draws on the first working day of each month.

And it as explained a “bonus” Premium Bonds perk for savers who are investing to win big prizes. NS&I offers a “bonus” perk for people who want to maximise their chances of winning the big jackpots, it has confirmed.

NS&I said: “If you have less than the maximum invested then using your winnings to buy more Bonds can be a great way of boosting your chances of winning again. Choose this option and we’ll automatically reinvest the prize money for you. As a bonus, your new Bonds will be eligible to win prizes from the very next draw.”

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To enter into the Premium Bonds prize draw, you’ll first need to buy Premium Bonds. You can invest a minimum amount of £25 and a maximum amount of £50,000 in an account. You can purchase a Premium Bond online on NS&I’s website. Alternatively, you can buy bonds by post by sending a completed application form with a valid cheque.

Premium Bonds uses a system called ERNIE and has been going since 1957. Your money is always safe in a bond, as it is backed by the UK Government’s treasury. All the numbers who won £10,000 or more in the July draw include 561XF629608 - £100,000 as well as 432SX860952 - £100,000.

Other winners include 395KW323106 - £50,000 and 528PN782335 - £50,000 as well as 166RA292371 - £10,000 and 327GG591851 - £10,000. And other winners included 537DA511890 - £10,000, and also 92FY348092 - £10,000 and finally 548SN468007 - £10,000.

NS&I allows customers to check if you have won, and all you need to do is visit the NS&I website.