'Number one reason' why your orchid isn't blooming - how to 'stimulate a new flower'

Beautiful pink orchid flowers close up. Selection of plants for decorating rooms. exotic flowers
Orchids look beautiful when they're flowering, but many people don't knows what to do when that stops -Credit:(Image: Getty)

The 'number one reason' your orchid isn't blooming and how to 'stimulate a new flower spike' has been revealed. Orchids, known for their symmetrical and colourful ornamental flowers, are popular plants available in most gardening centres and local supermarkets.

Many people purchase these plants while they're already in bloom, leaving them unsure of how to care for the plant once it's finished flowering. Frankie Flowers, also known as Frankie Ferragine, a Canadian gardening expert with over 5,000 YouTube subscribers, has shared tips on how to make orchids re-flower.

According to Frankie, gardeners need to decide whether to remove the spike completely by cutting it down to the base or cutting to a node. To do this, look for a node along the plant's stem - these are the "bumps" that stick out.

Prune just above the node to "stimulate some additional growth and stimulate flowers". It will take a few months before a new flower spike appears.

Frankie emphasised that the "key" is allowing the plant to dry out a little bit further. The plant needs to be stressed out slightly and placed in a room where the temperature drops at night, reports the Express.

Most orchids will re-bloom with ease, however, Frankie highlighted one rule gardeners need to remember.

He advised: "The number one reason why people can never get an orchid to bloom is they're just giving it too much water, too much fertiliser and too much care."

"Cut back on the water, cut back on the fertiliser, cooler nights and it will stimulate that new flower spike."