Number of new UK and US Facebook users falling

Number of new UK and US Facebook users falling. Facebook, Social networks, Social networking, Twitter, 0

Facebook looks to have finally hit its user plateau in the UK and US, with growth figures slowing for the social network.

For the second time in two months, the website has seen active user figures drop. The US in particular was worst hit, losing six million people throughout the month of May. Canada was in second place with 1.52 million lost. Norway, Russia and the UK all saw a drop of 100,000.

Whilst these may seem like large numbers of users, they are nothing in Facebook-land; the site is approaching the 700 million mark this month.

The figures do not show users that have closed down their profiles entirely, rather just those who are inactive. As such many of them could be early adopters who have now become bored or stopped using Facebook.

It is possible however that the site which sees massive popularity in places like the United States and Europe, is close to extending its reach as far as it can go. Website Inside Facebook says that 50 per cent is about the maximum user threshold that the social network can achieve in any given country. This is of course affected by internet access and the rush to adopt Facebook by densely populated developing countries.

In order for Facebook to reach true global status, the site is going to have to gain access to China. This however seems unlikely given the country's somewhat repressive approach to social networking.

Facebook recently added 13.9 million users in April alone, this dropping to 11.8 million in May.

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